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take this test to find out ur personality type & pick 5 characters from here


  1. Naegi Makoto (Danga Ronpa))
  2. Alistair (Dragon Age:Origins)
  3. Haruka Nanase (Free!)
  4. Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)
  5. Tricia Miller and Daya Diaz (Orange is the New Black)


V라인 원피스

every time rei says "haruka-senpai"




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Hi everyone, I’ve updated my commission info!
for the most part the prices have stayed the same! and like always I’ve kept them to two main options for simplicity sake.  All commissions are full body unless you request otherwise and all payments will be through paypal :)

If you are interested or have any questions you’d like to ask, please contact me at » marcycakes@live.ca «

If you could help me signal boost by reblogging, that would be much appreciated!
Thanks for considering me!

all slots are open ! 



Sunkentreasure (Blogspot)


Sunkentreasure (Blogspot)

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.
Bertolt Brecht 

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alkarinque answered your question “feel good tv show recs?”

modern family is VERY feel-good and there’s a ton of it!! |D (secondhand) apparently arrested development is also funny? maybe 30 rock?

ah okay! i will watch modern family then ;u; thank you for telling me ! and yeah haha i watched both arrested development and 30 rock ! i like both a lot hehe

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star-crab answered your question “feel good tv show recs?”

Watch Firefly :^)

ah yes Firefly was very very good! but i already finished it a long time ago… 

alexanderperchov replied to your post “chokusenoni answered your question “feel good tv show recs?” Community…”

try new girl if u haven’t already! it super blindsided me with how hard and fast i fell in love with it. it is super good and very funny and definitely feel good

new girl was cute! i watched it.. i personally thought it was a little too tropey tho, but it was funny! but yah.. i.. already watched that too..

art-chew answered your question “feel good tv show recs?”

I’m totally obsessing over Brooklyn 99 atm?

oh i watched that! i should catch up …. i remember loving it to bits

chokusenoni answered your question “feel good tv show recs?”

Community is funny and it really has its sweet moments

yeah! i love community.. i’m just waiting for it to come back.. (if it is..)

missmuggle answered your question “feel good tv show recs?”

have you watched parks and rec? that’s almost as adorable as pushing daisies!

yep…! I’m all caught up with parks.. I love andy and april the most ;u; <3